The Small Hamlet



I understand now. I have seen the plane of existence beyond the world of the living. I have seen the land of the dead, and I understand it all. All the time I wasted trying to contact Pholtus… It blinded me from the truth. It distracted me from my goal. My comrades tried telling me that i was being foolish in my endeavor to just get an answer from him, and they were right. Pholtus had his reasons for not communicating back. I just spoke to the real actual Pholtus and he explained that he couldn’t help me any more than he already did. That doing so would disrupt some kind of balance. It’s all pretty confusing. I was meant to die at that exact place at that exact time. At the hands of that Beast with the dark soul. He promised me that I would have everlasting peace from now on. No conflict, No Evil… No fighting. It’s a dream come true. Honestly that life wasn’t for me anyway. I am glad for meeting all of the people i did… even weird ones like Ezekiel and Donovan. As well as rude ones like Kalina and Anthony. And I’m sorry my brother Dastradamus, and my grand master Parastrom. I didn’t rid the land of Bhaal’s creatures like i promised. My party however can help in the effort to eradicate some threats to the land. Hopefully they see the light as I have now. Hopefully Pholtus’ prediction of the party wont come true. However even if it does, Ill be able to see them again. However until then, I wish them luck.
~Noxtrom (From the Afterlife)


Speedwagon Deadlystriker

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