The Small Hamlet

Diary Page from Ezekiel's Spellbook

Parenthesis are written in, brackets are your thoughts

[All the writing is somewhat triangular, you re-wrote what you could to make it easier]

Dear SpellDiary,

I’m sorry I ripped two pages out of you today. It was simply imperative to my existence that I labeled the the Gnome guard as small and the other guard as cleanly shaven, I hope you can forgive me. As for animating you into a paper body guard for my future temple… (sigh)[why did he write “sigh” into his book?] I still have no idea how to do that. Other than those two mishaps, I hope you had a nice day, because my day was fantastic. After a long walk back to town, and then to the prison, and then the brothel, and then back to the prison I finally got rid of that accursed chalice and some of the money in my unnecessarily heavy chest that is no longer poisoned. I’m fairly certain that my champions weren’t enjoying the day to the extent that I was though. In the time that it took me to go run my errands for a friend, the entirety of my entourage were bickering with the two rouges, Bob and Killadin, over the death of… of…, and after that, Cullis had all of his teeth knocked out by some prostitute flesh golem. HEY, spelldiary I can see you judging her, and that’s not nice! Why do you look at all women with such disgust? First Kalina, then the gay elf, then that scarred hyena, then that one guard that was being told off by that other guard, now the flipping flesh golem! Where was I…? [you see an indentation that you can only figure was Ezekiel running his finger back through his writing] Ah, yes! There is no need to worry about the whole teeth issue, because i fixed it… with money. OOOOOOOO, I forgot to mention that thing about the ass. While I was doing stuff with [you can hardly read this next word] _B_**a**_tt__le*@!*% my champions got me a donkey! I am going to name him Dudley, and he shall carry stuff. There was one more thing I wanted to say, but I can’t quite remember (I snap, as I do this I accidentally summon and banish my head crab) [Head crab?] That’ right! The Gnome is coming with us…



Speedwagon Mast_jpg

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