The Small Hamlet

My Chosen

Adventure 4: As told by Shelyn

Kalina, you are my only Paladin.

As of right now. I often don’t choose Paladins, they are more often than not too harsh for my ideals. However, when your little 8 year old self and your 12 year old brother fell upon my temple steps, weary and torn, I had felt strength.

I had just expected it to be Adrien.

I was so pleased, such a handsome young man, filled with strength and determination to fall upon my mercy, would surely make a good disciple. But he was too broken. Too twisted and tired and hurt to follow me. He rejected my teachings, my priests and clerics. He pushed away my comfort, all too comfortable to wallow in the grief and misery and anger, to instead let love fill his heart. I wept over this young man many times. And I still weep for you.

Little Kalina. Confused and naive, hurt and wronged, but still so open. So hungry for care that you immediately trusted me. You welcomed the beauty of my church after so many years in a dark home. I wept for you when Adrien pushed you for the first time outside my temple. He stormed away and I could see the disbelief in your eyes as you watched him go. I wept when you started training as a warrior. I needed you to be my champion, but it still hurt to watch part of you harden with every scrape and bruise. I wept when I watched you, trembling as you picked up your great sword for the first time, because Adrien had threatened you. Because he told you that he was leaving and that you had better come with him. Because you refused, and I could feel the last of the poor boy’s heart break. Because he stepped forward, fury in his eyes and that was when you made her decision. You picked up the sword and chose me. And I have never been more sorrowful and so overjoyed.

And now I watch over you, protect you, as I do all my disciples. But a greater part of me is more interested in you, than I have ever been interested in any mortal before. Maybe because you and Adrien are so much alike to myself and my own lost brother.

You have found a group of companions, (terribly amusing ones at that,) and have set out on a quest with them. I don’t think you are entirely certain of her goal yet, but you are striving to protect what is right, and if you do that your aims will become sure. I wish I could say more on the subject of Kilimess and his murderer’s, but I can only verify that what Shoole has told you is the truth. The murderers traveled where he guided you, but I cannot disclose more than that. I watched you walk into the gnoll camp, and was filled with almost fierce pride as you stood up to the pack leader. Rage filled me as I watched you fall, and I admit I grew much fonder of the boy Cedric when he healed you.

Forgive me, I’m ahead of myself. I must start at the beginning. I watched you walk into the camp, and saw you conversing with the two gnolls, convincing them to let you go talk to their leader. I thank you for your attempt at peace. I enjoyed a good laugh watching Ezekiel attempt to compliment the creatures. You then walked into the building alone, and I must admit I was rather distressed. Noxtrum, your dragon friend, tried to follow you but got caught up with two more gnolls. I was so proud when you stood up for the creatures life, I hope he shall get better. I watched the fight, bloody and insane, and though I knew that the two rogues would appear, I still feared for you. I tried to intervene when the gnoll struck you down, and it angered me that I couldn’t. But then Cedric healed you and Ezekiel made things… difficult for the attackers. I appreciated Cullus and his drumming very much, I do love a good tune. And when it was over.. I worried about how you all would react to what you would find.

I am glad that you did not have to witness those horrors alone. There is a special and dark evil that resides in the followers of Yeenoghu, and I want you to know that I would not have been angry if you had ended them all. There are some evils in this world that threaten all that is good and beautiful. When you found the three creatures, tortured and maimed in their cells, my heart cried out for them, and I wish you to bring them to my priests immediately. I granted them sleep because I wish them to suffer no more.

You are brave, my good paladin, and I want you to know that while you were keeping watch over your party members, I was watching over you. I watched Anthony approach you and.. I cannot say more on the subject. I cannot tell you what decision to make, but I will do my best to guide you.

I wish to visit your friend, Ezekiel. He amuses me, and I will listen to him. I wish to also give comfort to Noxtrum, I personally know that Pholtus can be hard to handle. Pholtus is a soldier, not a nurturer. Please provide Cullus with my high praise of his skills.

I wish you could receive the full clarity of my message, but not yet. For now I can only aid from above, and grant you my power and love.

Stay safe, my chosen.


Speedwagon youngn

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