The Small Hamlet

Prayer to Pholtus goes to Voicemail

Hey Pholtus, I see you haven’t returned my prayers… Um… How are you? I… Uh…wanted to check in and… See if you have any times that I can pray and get answered… If you can get back to me that’d be great. I haven’t actually talked to you, but I’ve dreamt about you… Does that count? I think it does. We played chess and talked about the world. It wasn’t the real you but it was real to me. My party doesn’t think you care about me but you definitely do! Right? Right! The paladin constantly mocks me about you not answering me, when she has a direct line to her goddess. We should set that up sometime. Well… Get back to me about that… It would be great… Constantly helping each other. (mainly you helping me but who cares)

Ok well I’m going to end my prayer for now…
Get back to me… Please…
(Ends prayer and gets mocked by whole party for trying)


Speedwagon Deadlystriker

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