The Small Hamlet

The Beginning

Story so far.. as told by the paladin.

I don’t quite know why I am here.

You see, Adrien, after you left the temple, Shelyn called me to arms. She graced me with her power and I became a paladin. It.. It has been a long process, but I am happy now. I hope you are too. I don’t know why I am writing to you, you will never receive these ramblings. I’ll probably never see you again actually, though I am trying to make peace with that. You went your way, and I went mine. I just hope you are ok.. you were always so angry.

I, for one, am in a Hamlet. And I cannot for the life of me tell you why. I was led here by Shelyn, and stumbled upon some… odd people. I was led to a courtyard, and when I arrived there was only a headless body and blood. All over the fountain, pathway, flowers.. everywhere. I wish I could say that the sight of it made me sick but unfortunately.. you and I are immune to such feelings now I suppose. But then I followed the trail backwards from the body into a mansion. It was very nice, but upon opening the door I was met with 5 very strange people. You see, there’s Gaileth Underwood, she’s a nice-enough elven musician. Very talented with the flute. She was standing in a cluster with three odd looking fellows, who I later came to know as Noxtrom, A dragonborn (incredibly enough) and a monk, Hellboy, and Val. Hellboy is a tiefling. I have nothing against them, but I cannot look at them without the memories of the masks that haunted us in the night piercing my mind. But lastly, there was Ezekiel. Ezekiel is… interesting, to say the least. He has proclaimed that he is meant to be a god. I don’t believe it but… stranger things have happened. However he could only really be the god of thieves. I have had to stop him from stealing at least five times. Although he has proven himself good enough on numerous occasions.

Anyways, they explained the situation to me, and it seemed that the man I had found outside was Kilimess. A powerful mage who resides- or well, resided, in this mansion, and the previous day had sent them on a quest. when they returned, he was dead. They told me that they had discovered a stairway leading underground in the courtyard and I could almost feel Shelyn tugging me toward it. We headed down into the depths and followed some passages into a room where we faced a Grell! It was difficult and confusing, and in the midst of it, we lost Val. It’s nerve-wracking to see an ally die in battle, but the grell kept us on our toes until Noxtrom destroyed it. We decided it might be best to return back to town and recover a bit before continuing on into what was honestly a labyrinth.

We got back to the inn and I made sure to get rid of all the blood that had splattered everywhere when the creature died, and was just scrubbing my breastplate when I walked out to find Ezekiel whispering with the door across the hall from me. It was actually cracked, and he was talking to someone behind it, but it was still odd. Once the man on the other side of the door opened it all the way, we found a body and a skeleton. Except the skeleton was 6 feet tall and red with giant tentacles on its back. We attacked and I was able to severely wound it before the new man, (who is also a tiefling) threw his drum at it and finished it off. Right after, we turned around and saw a tall older man, who introduced himself as Gabriel.. our master. After a couple minutes of questioning, we figured out he drum-thrower was Cullus. He was on his way to sort something out for a guild but when his companion was killed by the… thing… he asked to join our party. And Gabriel was a wizard who was convinced he was indeed everyone’s master, and that we must be his disciples. They both joined us, (much to my chagrin) when Gailyth and Hellboy decided they needed a break. They stayed at the Inn and someone else asked to come with us as well. A small boy, (couldn’t be more than 13) named Cedric. He told us he was one of Lafendar’s chosen, and wanted us to help.

So back down into the dungeon we headed. We took a different path and found ourselves face to face with giant insect, bug, creature thing. It had a swift death. But we were all still exhausted so we took a rest in the hallway, keeping watch. Somewhere in the night, Gabriel ran off, and I awoke with a start to find a bear and a man walking towards us. They introduced themselves as Brandon and his bear, bjorn. He told us they had been exploring this dungeon and wouldn’t mind the safety a larger group provided. So we let him stay too. He was quite nice, and soon after he arrived we continued onwards into the dungeon. In the room with the giant insect, there was a portcullus, leading down a hallway. we lifted it up and followed it down when Ezekiel stopped us and examined a sigil on the wall. he had just announced that it was the symbol for a spell when Cullus threw a chalice over our heads and sprang the trap, sending magic energy arcing to toward me. It hurt. But we kept following the hallway to a room and as soon as I walked in I saw 3 huge spiders. We fought them of course, and in the middle of the fight Gaileth appeared! She ran in and leaped onto Bjorn’s back. (which caused an awful lot of issues with Brandon) After killing two of the spiders, the third one scuttled into the next room and when we followed it we found it quite dead, with a hole in its back. Noxtrom stepped into the room and a stalactite fell and started chewing on his head? It was confusing but we definitely killed all the… creatures that fell. We didn’t have time to rejoice though because a weird creature appeared. He seemed to be a floating sphere with and eye in the middle and then 4 tentacles with an eye at the end of each one. He spoke to my mind, telling me his name was Gath-ryk, and that he would ask us to leave his domain, or he would take action. After discussing with my companions, we decided it was best to yet again leave the dungeon and rest.

So we left, and upon walking out of Kilimess’ mansion, Ezekiel immediately approached a shady man, and asked to buy a bag, (which is utterly ridiculous because he already has a chest.) The man brought a magical bag, that could carry anything you wanted, but the price was much too steep. “Although,” he said, “I can give this bag if you perform a favor for me…” He wanted us to go kill someone who was a threat to him! I couldn’t let any of my party members do it. But suddenly I heard yet another voice in my head, The man’s voice actually. “what do you want?” After a moment’s consideration, (but not actual contemplation of his offers) I thought back, “what could you give me?”

We continued on to have an interesting conversation, looking back on it now it seems like a blur so I can’t give you specifics, Adrien. I figured out that he was a warlock of one of the old-great one’s, he wanted us to call him Anthony, and that the person we were going to investigate for him was supposedly trying to become a god. I followed my party to the place he described. It was a small clearing with a pond and we swam down into the pond into a small cave. It was filled with lush greenery and… the presence of evil. After looking around for a moment a small mushroom like creature appeared and told us his name was Shoole. We spake. I was very concerned and confused, this creature radiated evil, but seemed on the same side as us, he was good friends with Kilimess before he died, where as Anthony was not evil per say, but made me uncomfortable, and I did not trust either of them in the slightest. Ezekiel reminded us that warlock’s have a weakness to Hydra blood, and Noxtrom reported that he had heard rumors of one in a not to far away village. After conferring with Shoole, we decided it would be best to gather resources to prepare for either side hurting us, and were about to depart when Shoole told us he had something to offer us to help us on our journey. Suddenly a plant-ape like creature emerged from the vines and offered us only one thing… Kilimess’ head.

I’m not quite sure what will become of this, but I do know that I’m in it for the long-run. My companions, though irritating at most times, have grown on me, and I will follow with them in the quest. I hope you are doing well, perhaps on a fine adventure of your own.

I miss you.

Always your sister,
Kalina Vorswood


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