Wizard-Rogue with a God-complex


A rogue wizard that stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall. He weighs 153 pounds and is 21 years old. He has white skin, black hair, and one green eye in addition to one blue eye. When he casts spells or concentrates on spell casting his hair and eyes turn a silver color.


An unknowing magic prodigy, Ezekiel worked as a servant to a rich master, a rich master who was slowly losing track of things. One day Ezekiel’s master caught him stealing a silver chalice from the kitchen. Outraged the master threatened Ezekiel with a kitchen knife, intent on ending his servants life. Accidentally, Ezekiel used magic to force his master asleep, providing the needed time to escape. Ezekiel was baffled by his previous master’s sudden narcolepsy, and decided to go the library and steal every book on magic he could find. After five years of intense study in the arcane arts Ezekiel had mastered 12 spells . This quick collection of knowledge led Ezekiel to the only conclusion there was: he was destined to be a God. Unfortunately, the library had noticed some missing stock and sent authorities to the houses to the houses of people who were recently in the library. When soldiers appeared at Ezekiel’s door, he knew he would have to run, for he had seen the wanted posters that his master had posted. Ezekiel grabbed his spell book, dagger, and luck cards, then fled for the hills, searching for the spell that would cause everyone in the realm to worship him as the God of knowledge.


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