The Small Hamlet


I understand now. I have seen the plane of existence beyond the world of the living. I have seen the land of the dead, and I understand it all. All the time I wasted trying to contact Pholtus… It blinded me from the truth. It distracted me from my goal. My comrades tried telling me that i was being foolish in my endeavor to just get an answer from him, and they were right. Pholtus had his reasons for not communicating back. I just spoke to the real actual Pholtus and he explained that he couldn’t help me any more than he already did. That doing so would disrupt some kind of balance. It’s all pretty confusing. I was meant to die at that exact place at that exact time. At the hands of that Beast with the dark soul. He promised me that I would have everlasting peace from now on. No conflict, No Evil… No fighting. It’s a dream come true. Honestly that life wasn’t for me anyway. I am glad for meeting all of the people i did… even weird ones like Ezekiel and Donovan. As well as rude ones like Kalina and Anthony. And I’m sorry my brother Dastradamus, and my grand master Parastrom. I didn’t rid the land of Bhaal’s creatures like i promised. My party however can help in the effort to eradicate some threats to the land. Hopefully they see the light as I have now. Hopefully Pholtus’ prediction of the party wont come true. However even if it does, Ill be able to see them again. However until then, I wish them luck.
~Noxtrom (From the Afterlife)

Shilliam Waked-spear's adventures in voyeurism ACT 2
Some fairly creepy letter found laying on the ground in the village...
I awoke on a pile of dead lice this morning, my goodness those filthy creatures are nasty. Rubbing my eyes I perceived in my peripheral vision the party I have been pursuing for days now leaving the temple that I have dubbed the Nighttime Agran Gardener Boy Love Agreement church, the title based on some odd interactions I may have witnessed between that armored woman and the priest youngling as they do not allow ‘evil’ beings within it’s walls, oh the irony. Doing what I usually do I trailed behind the group of the lizard, gardener, god, and child boy.. Wait didn’t he vanish at one point? Eh, who cares, I still haven’t brushed off my hog-musk which holds a higher priority.

A lake came to block their path after some walking, or at least those were my suspicions before they dived straight into it, I followed, considering my monthly bath taken care of.
I emerged a couple minutes later into a cave beset upon with bountiful amounts of flora and shrubbery, the moist air felt more saturated than my oxter cavities, which reminded me that I needed to gyrate them with my wooden pit-spoon immediately to maintain a temperate level of humidity. By the time my under-arm folds were thoroughly rustled, I looked up to see the group communicating with a short fungus born individual:
GARDENER: Hey did you kill this guy
GOD: Pulls out knives
And then some fellow with a bush on his shoulder and a bow showed up out of absolutely nowhere, he may have been in the corner the whole time or he may have not, I honestly don’t trust this man, I will call him George. I am not akin to whether or not the plant has a name, but it would presumably be one fitting with an agricultural or plant-esque theme of some sort. Rambling aside the situation looked tense, and it really got out of hand when the gorillas came, two specifically. The bold Gardener and Lizard took on the gorillas, meanwhile George shot arrows at the wall several times and the Demi-God slung greasy slime everywhere from his fingers and threw a knife or something. Also at one point when things were especially hectic a couple of flying impish mushroom things came out from under a table. What strategic pantheon would have had the intuition of putting a whopping two avian fungus bulbs under the dinner setting? This mushroom was a force to be reckoned with. As the gorillas fell down, slain as if one had rocked the structure, God retrieved a knife he got stuck in a wall, an orange dragonborn rose from the lake we all had entered in and just stood there with a blank expression, and a stray arrow from George whizzed by everyone and unceremoniously took the life of the mushroom man. Sir shroom laid there, and dissolved even more anticlimactically into a grody mush.
The group met with George and incorporated him and the bush which had happened to speak in a smooth and somewhat charmingly deep voice. I did not question this at all. Also considering he was the one to have gotten the kill, George was allowed to sift through the remains and retrieved a big stick and a rag, exciting. This was not put into question, and neither was the orange dragon that I have bestowed the title of “ORANGE MAN” after they exchanged a short conversation with him. As the group began leaving the cave, I proceeded to enjoy the remaining mush as a lovely dinner, what can I say? A hungry dretch is an unproductive dretch!
I swam back to the entrance and pursued down the path that they were headed down, heading sideways into the underbrush to get ahead, and stopped in my tracks as I heard a galloping noise. My severe mental trauma from (reading about) the Horse-Pig wars of XXXX returned with a vengeance, as I drew my blade to confront the hideous beast behind me I was awestruck as an elderly man in leather and tights, holding a lance and a shield stomped along right past me, appearing to be chasing down the group. I gripped my pen and prepared to take notes as I was majorly let down as the man stopped in front of the party and announced himself. His name was Donk I believe. Donk had a look of conviction, like he was preparing himself for the best and longest speech ever told in the history of valor and stopping people in the middle of the road. He was shut down as most of the group ignored him completely and moved on as well as Orange Man kidnapping him, a somewhat sad sight. As the collection of strange individuals entered the town of Agran, I needed to head into the forest for a moment, as a tremendous as my back-ham was the harbinger of one sloppy harangue of my inner being that felt especially painful, more so than usual. Bowel movements aside I turned around to marvel at what beast I expulsed this time only to be met with shock and horror that three doppelgangers, each the exact size of myself, emerged from the polychromic slurry I dropped onto a stump. I attempted to communicate with them but they did.. Not seem to operate on my level of knowledge but did know their mission as well as mine. I remembered the said mission and in a hurry hoisted up my bermuda shorts and scampered into the town, my clones following me. Running, I came down upon the street just in time to see the party split, so I came to a wonderful plan.
They all seemed to have varying mental capacities but for the most part they were competent as I ushered their orders. Entering the hamlet the group conveniently split into three groups as follows : 1. Gardener and God, 2. Orange Man, and 3. Donk, I had absolutely lost track of the guy with a bow. Utilizing my new assets I gave each clone a piece of paper and a pen and gave them the task of recording the actions of the separate groups, and they went on and followed like the loyal servants they should be. I took a break and enjoyed a lovely brew at the tavern, I saw the blue dragon playing a flute that wasn’t there as a man wearing nothing but a tactical shemagh tipped him a few silvers. My loyal subjects came back after a while and led me to the now together party as I read the results…
the guy was naked and then he put wood on an anvil and it wasnt wood anymore and
then he put on a sheet of metal it was nasty also did I mention he was arrested it was kind of sad also he bullied kids so not that sad I liked his mustache
. ~love Spear-Spear
I am somewhat proud of my children.. so very proud, especially Spear-Spear, that was some fairly elaborate penmanship …
…For him.
Continuing on this journey I went on to follow the group and they sort of… stopped? As if they were left at a ghastly cliffhanger (for about a week) and just stood there blankly staring ahead. After that they walked on like nothing happened, Donk went back to the town to go do things, not exactly sure what? But nobody really cared and eventually some pink-beard man with drinks was on a hill with a shiny suit fellow talking about exchanging potions or something, I believe they mentioned dragons. Suddenly God shouted and the whole gaggle (minus the Donk) swarmed around Pinkster and demanded satisfaction. They received nothing of the sort except for a neat little trick involving a potion made from a rag the bow guy, whom I completely did not know was there sweet B’hall he made me jump, had. After they hassled the huckster of brews for a bit they moved on, befriending the knighty man and heading to a nearby village that might I add indeed put the ‘lit’ in ‘hamlet’ where, as I have seen before, the Gardener had met a couple of friendly Gnolls and presented unreasonable propositions to them, which ended in her killing them for sport, typical of a worshipper of dark lords and flowers.
Out of nowhere Slagathor let out a gurgle and fell to the side. I moved in for closer investigation but his body exploded in a grotesque eruption of soggy and discolored organs, I was kind of shocked but Spear-Spear and Spear-Spear-Spear didn’t seem to be fazed whatsoever before they too, collapsed and snapped into the likeness of a processed cylinder meat-stick. The next hour I spent burying myself three times over, and by burying I do mean dumping the bodies into a well around the center of the razed area. Bad feelings came over for a second as I heard some snarling creature consuming them, well, waste not want not as the saying goes..
After a few select tears of mourning I located the party spread out between a few houses, must I say those were some convenient windows allowing me to see into the first building where it appeared to be Gardener and God speaking with a heftily equipped holy-man. Off to the side was seen Orange Man diving into the fire.. For… I honestly have no clue. Also coming to mind was George, that slippery rat had disappeared once again, where he goes remains an enigma in this one’s mind. Moving on the blue lizard, Gardener, child, Donk, and for the love of god it’s George entered one odd building. They seemed to be playing freeze tag on a chair so I wasn’t exactly interested, but turning my head for one second and back yielded one unsettling display of the Gardener toying with dolls, Donk screaming about a twisted toe he now possessed, and that dog George straddling the lizard. Much confusion later the crew went back to the husky house (paladin abode) to talk about stuff and things with a sick man while Orange Man, Tin Can, and some other fellow with a bow sort of loitered outside twiddling their thumbs as well as Donk who just stood there. Some garbage plot later everybody left the building and from what I see Donk is going into the house, no idea what he is doing but I feel weary from these travels and shall leave this writing right here on the ground in the middle of nowhere, maybe adopt a dog, henceforth my life will be dedicated to astronomy, for I am finished with this, this metaphorical potion of scouting is too strong for me.

Prayer to Pholtus goes to Voicemail

Hey Pholtus, I see you haven’t returned my prayers… Um… How are you? I… Uh…wanted to check in and… See if you have any times that I can pray and get answered… If you can get back to me that’d be great. I haven’t actually talked to you, but I’ve dreamt about you… Does that count? I think it does. We played chess and talked about the world. It wasn’t the real you but it was real to me. My party doesn’t think you care about me but you definitely do! Right? Right! The paladin constantly mocks me about you not answering me, when she has a direct line to her goddess. We should set that up sometime. Well… Get back to me about that… It would be great… Constantly helping each other. (mainly you helping me but who cares)

Ok well I’m going to end my prayer for now…
Get back to me… Please…
(Ends prayer and gets mocked by whole party for trying)

Diary Page from Ezekiel's Spellbook
Parenthesis are written in, brackets are your thoughts

[All the writing is somewhat triangular, you re-wrote what you could to make it easier]

Dear SpellDiary,

I’m sorry I ripped two pages out of you today. It was simply imperative to my existence that I labeled the the Gnome guard as small and the other guard as cleanly shaven, I hope you can forgive me. As for animating you into a paper body guard for my future temple… (sigh)[why did he write “sigh” into his book?] I still have no idea how to do that. Other than those two mishaps, I hope you had a nice day, because my day was fantastic. After a long walk back to town, and then to the prison, and then the brothel, and then back to the prison I finally got rid of that accursed chalice and some of the money in my unnecessarily heavy chest that is no longer poisoned. I’m fairly certain that my champions weren’t enjoying the day to the extent that I was though. In the time that it took me to go run my errands for a friend, the entirety of my entourage were bickering with the two rouges, Bob and Killadin, over the death of… of…, and after that, Cullis had all of his teeth knocked out by some prostitute flesh golem. HEY, spelldiary I can see you judging her, and that’s not nice! Why do you look at all women with such disgust? First Kalina, then the gay elf, then that scarred hyena, then that one guard that was being told off by that other guard, now the flipping flesh golem! Where was I…? [you see an indentation that you can only figure was Ezekiel running his finger back through his writing] Ah, yes! There is no need to worry about the whole teeth issue, because i fixed it… with money. OOOOOOOO, I forgot to mention that thing about the ass. While I was doing stuff with [you can hardly read this next word] _B_**a**_tt__le*@!*% my champions got me a donkey! I am going to name him Dudley, and he shall carry stuff. There was one more thing I wanted to say, but I can’t quite remember (I snap, as I do this I accidentally summon and banish my head crab) [Head crab?] That’ right! The Gnome is coming with us…


Shilliam Waked-spear's adventures in voyeurism ACT 1
Dretch spy logs from an aspiring author-pig
It is the first day of my assigned recon on this outlandish assembled group and I am already astounded, after D-Division <redacted> encountered this party they sent me to perform espionage on these people. On my first observation I have made out the collection to consist of an armored gardener, an obviously homosexual lizard, a demi-god, some kid, and two rogues. The scene seemed quite drab, if not decrepit as rubble was lain nearby along with a few grotesque humanoid folk, with not much happening besides the construction of sleds for reasons I did not look too far into. Then they heard one of the local gnolls from the forest, and proceeded to converge onto him, who greeted them with the traditional native gnoll greeting, otherwise known as a ‘squall of arrows’ if you will. These arrows had slain one of the injured almost immediately, and therefore strife was engaged between the squads, I believe the dialogue building up to this was like so…

GARDENER : Hey this gnoll is ugly

GNOLL : Give me your money


(Arrows fly from every direction, one hitting INJURED #1 in the face)

INJURED #1 : Yes

(INJURED #1 dies from an arrow in the face)

Carrying through the duration of this battle I had not paid much mind as I was polishing my tusks on the side, but from what I heard during this practice it would appear as though the group had been thoroughly done a handing of the ass, preferably on a precious metal plateau.. This battle did not interest me, or at least, not until… …IT happened What is IT exactly? Only the most awe-inspiring miracle I have ever seen in my short Dretch lifespan, a marvelous amalgamation of mystery circumstance chaotically teetering on the borderline between total magnanimity and malevolence. As the gardener laid on her deathbed, soon to be slain, two figures stood in the far distance. I disregarded this, except for when I took a double-take to witness the larger of the two lift the former and.. throw him. Screams pierced the clouds and the hearts of everybody as the sight held itself before them, a horned beast proceeded to do much more consecutive front flips than I could count, let alone process, I was frozen in fear, joy, arousal, every emotion imaginable as the thing stuck a perfect landing with it’s arms outstretched and poured a healing liquid onto the gardener, bringing her back to her vigor-filled latter state. The two joined the fray, and fended off the remainder of gnoll persecutors, the… thing, and the tiefling seemed to know a majority of the group, and proceeded to engage an intelligent and structurally complex conversation that I believe went like so..

GARDENER : Blah blah anxiety blah stress

THING : Indecipherable lisp noises

TIEFLING : I am a tiefling

DEMI-GOD : I am a god

SHORT ROGUE : (Something about a bow)

GARDENER : No your dumb

DEMI-GOD : you’re*


DEMI-GOD : summons a crab-skull

CRAB : (Abyssal for : I’m really feeling it!)

After a while they decided to set up camp, and for some reason trust the rogues and monsters with guard duty, it was dark so I was not exactly sure what occurred, especially considering I needed my weekly disgusting hog-nap and fell unconscious.

That morning the party was abuzz as the kid was found to not be there anymore, and immediately the gardener who may have been a pedophile with a suspiciously prominent affection for the child went into a detective streak, interrogating the ones on guard duty..

GARDENER : Where is my slave daddy child platonic young-friend?

THING : Cough

ROGUES : lol idk

TIEFLING : I am a tiefling

GARDENER : angst and distress

And then the demi-god licked a bunch of blood and they all went to a church and talked to a fairly apprehensive robed man and made a priest sad whom of which told them to kill a hydra, I couldn’t follow as close due to it being a hallway.
My Chosen
Adventure 4: As told by Shelyn

Kalina, you are my only Paladin.

As of right now. I often don’t choose Paladins, they are more often than not too harsh for my ideals. However, when your little 8 year old self and your 12 year old brother fell upon my temple steps, weary and torn, I had felt strength.

I had just expected it to be Adrien.

I was so pleased, such a handsome young man, filled with strength and determination to fall upon my mercy, would surely make a good disciple. But he was too broken. Too twisted and tired and hurt to follow me. He rejected my teachings, my priests and clerics. He pushed away my comfort, all too comfortable to wallow in the grief and misery and anger, to instead let love fill his heart. I wept over this young man many times. And I still weep for you.

Little Kalina. Confused and naive, hurt and wronged, but still so open. So hungry for care that you immediately trusted me. You welcomed the beauty of my church after so many years in a dark home. I wept for you when Adrien pushed you for the first time outside my temple. He stormed away and I could see the disbelief in your eyes as you watched him go. I wept when you started training as a warrior. I needed you to be my champion, but it still hurt to watch part of you harden with every scrape and bruise. I wept when I watched you, trembling as you picked up your great sword for the first time, because Adrien had threatened you. Because he told you that he was leaving and that you had better come with him. Because you refused, and I could feel the last of the poor boy’s heart break. Because he stepped forward, fury in his eyes and that was when you made her decision. You picked up the sword and chose me. And I have never been more sorrowful and so overjoyed.

And now I watch over you, protect you, as I do all my disciples. But a greater part of me is more interested in you, than I have ever been interested in any mortal before. Maybe because you and Adrien are so much alike to myself and my own lost brother.

You have found a group of companions, (terribly amusing ones at that,) and have set out on a quest with them. I don’t think you are entirely certain of her goal yet, but you are striving to protect what is right, and if you do that your aims will become sure. I wish I could say more on the subject of Kilimess and his murderer’s, but I can only verify that what Shoole has told you is the truth. The murderers traveled where he guided you, but I cannot disclose more than that. I watched you walk into the gnoll camp, and was filled with almost fierce pride as you stood up to the pack leader. Rage filled me as I watched you fall, and I admit I grew much fonder of the boy Cedric when he healed you.

Forgive me, I’m ahead of myself. I must start at the beginning. I watched you walk into the camp, and saw you conversing with the two gnolls, convincing them to let you go talk to their leader. I thank you for your attempt at peace. I enjoyed a good laugh watching Ezekiel attempt to compliment the creatures. You then walked into the building alone, and I must admit I was rather distressed. Noxtrum, your dragon friend, tried to follow you but got caught up with two more gnolls. I was so proud when you stood up for the creatures life, I hope he shall get better. I watched the fight, bloody and insane, and though I knew that the two rogues would appear, I still feared for you. I tried to intervene when the gnoll struck you down, and it angered me that I couldn’t. But then Cedric healed you and Ezekiel made things… difficult for the attackers. I appreciated Cullus and his drumming very much, I do love a good tune. And when it was over.. I worried about how you all would react to what you would find.

I am glad that you did not have to witness those horrors alone. There is a special and dark evil that resides in the followers of Yeenoghu, and I want you to know that I would not have been angry if you had ended them all. There are some evils in this world that threaten all that is good and beautiful. When you found the three creatures, tortured and maimed in their cells, my heart cried out for them, and I wish you to bring them to my priests immediately. I granted them sleep because I wish them to suffer no more.

You are brave, my good paladin, and I want you to know that while you were keeping watch over your party members, I was watching over you. I watched Anthony approach you and.. I cannot say more on the subject. I cannot tell you what decision to make, but I will do my best to guide you.

I wish to visit your friend, Ezekiel. He amuses me, and I will listen to him. I wish to also give comfort to Noxtrum, I personally know that Pholtus can be hard to handle. Pholtus is a soldier, not a nurturer. Please provide Cullus with my high praise of his skills.

I wish you could receive the full clarity of my message, but not yet. For now I can only aid from above, and grant you my power and love.

Stay safe, my chosen.

An attempted elaboration on the letter sent from Tim to his home.

“H<ey> guys no <worries(?)> I am okay just fin<ding> that artifact I need to find. On my journe<y> I met a bunch of intriguing <people /> (Gibberish)
and a dragon <named(?)> Not-Strum.”

(The rest of the contents are disturbingly crude drawings of what looks like humanoid shapes and a dragon)


The Beginning
Story so far.. as told by the paladin.

I don’t quite know why I am here.

You see, Adrien, after you left the temple, Shelyn called me to arms. She graced me with her power and I became a paladin. It.. It has been a long process, but I am happy now. I hope you are too. I don’t know why I am writing to you, you will never receive these ramblings. I’ll probably never see you again actually, though I am trying to make peace with that. You went your way, and I went mine. I just hope you are ok.. you were always so angry.

I, for one, am in a Hamlet. And I cannot for the life of me tell you why. I was led here by Shelyn, and stumbled upon some… odd people. I was led to a courtyard, and when I arrived there was only a headless body and blood. All over the fountain, pathway, flowers.. everywhere. I wish I could say that the sight of it made me sick but unfortunately.. you and I are immune to such feelings now I suppose. But then I followed the trail backwards from the body into a mansion. It was very nice, but upon opening the door I was met with 5 very strange people. You see, there’s Gaileth Underwood, she’s a nice-enough elven musician. Very talented with the flute. She was standing in a cluster with three odd looking fellows, who I later came to know as Noxtrom, A dragonborn (incredibly enough) and a monk, Hellboy, and Val. Hellboy is a tiefling. I have nothing against them, but I cannot look at them without the memories of the masks that haunted us in the night piercing my mind. But lastly, there was Ezekiel. Ezekiel is… interesting, to say the least. He has proclaimed that he is meant to be a god. I don’t believe it but… stranger things have happened. However he could only really be the god of thieves. I have had to stop him from stealing at least five times. Although he has proven himself good enough on numerous occasions.

Anyways, they explained the situation to me, and it seemed that the man I had found outside was Kilimess. A powerful mage who resides- or well, resided, in this mansion, and the previous day had sent them on a quest. when they returned, he was dead. They told me that they had discovered a stairway leading underground in the courtyard and I could almost feel Shelyn tugging me toward it. We headed down into the depths and followed some passages into a room where we faced a Grell! It was difficult and confusing, and in the midst of it, we lost Val. It’s nerve-wracking to see an ally die in battle, but the grell kept us on our toes until Noxtrom destroyed it. We decided it might be best to return back to town and recover a bit before continuing on into what was honestly a labyrinth.

We got back to the inn and I made sure to get rid of all the blood that had splattered everywhere when the creature died, and was just scrubbing my breastplate when I walked out to find Ezekiel whispering with the door across the hall from me. It was actually cracked, and he was talking to someone behind it, but it was still odd. Once the man on the other side of the door opened it all the way, we found a body and a skeleton. Except the skeleton was 6 feet tall and red with giant tentacles on its back. We attacked and I was able to severely wound it before the new man, (who is also a tiefling) threw his drum at it and finished it off. Right after, we turned around and saw a tall older man, who introduced himself as Gabriel.. our master. After a couple minutes of questioning, we figured out he drum-thrower was Cullus. He was on his way to sort something out for a guild but when his companion was killed by the… thing… he asked to join our party. And Gabriel was a wizard who was convinced he was indeed everyone’s master, and that we must be his disciples. They both joined us, (much to my chagrin) when Gailyth and Hellboy decided they needed a break. They stayed at the Inn and someone else asked to come with us as well. A small boy, (couldn’t be more than 13) named Cedric. He told us he was one of Lafendar’s chosen, and wanted us to help.

So back down into the dungeon we headed. We took a different path and found ourselves face to face with giant insect, bug, creature thing. It had a swift death. But we were all still exhausted so we took a rest in the hallway, keeping watch. Somewhere in the night, Gabriel ran off, and I awoke with a start to find a bear and a man walking towards us. They introduced themselves as Brandon and his bear, bjorn. He told us they had been exploring this dungeon and wouldn’t mind the safety a larger group provided. So we let him stay too. He was quite nice, and soon after he arrived we continued onwards into the dungeon. In the room with the giant insect, there was a portcullus, leading down a hallway. we lifted it up and followed it down when Ezekiel stopped us and examined a sigil on the wall. he had just announced that it was the symbol for a spell when Cullus threw a chalice over our heads and sprang the trap, sending magic energy arcing to toward me. It hurt. But we kept following the hallway to a room and as soon as I walked in I saw 3 huge spiders. We fought them of course, and in the middle of the fight Gaileth appeared! She ran in and leaped onto Bjorn’s back. (which caused an awful lot of issues with Brandon) After killing two of the spiders, the third one scuttled into the next room and when we followed it we found it quite dead, with a hole in its back. Noxtrom stepped into the room and a stalactite fell and started chewing on his head? It was confusing but we definitely killed all the… creatures that fell. We didn’t have time to rejoice though because a weird creature appeared. He seemed to be a floating sphere with and eye in the middle and then 4 tentacles with an eye at the end of each one. He spoke to my mind, telling me his name was Gath-ryk, and that he would ask us to leave his domain, or he would take action. After discussing with my companions, we decided it was best to yet again leave the dungeon and rest.

So we left, and upon walking out of Kilimess’ mansion, Ezekiel immediately approached a shady man, and asked to buy a bag, (which is utterly ridiculous because he already has a chest.) The man brought a magical bag, that could carry anything you wanted, but the price was much too steep. “Although,” he said, “I can give this bag if you perform a favor for me…” He wanted us to go kill someone who was a threat to him! I couldn’t let any of my party members do it. But suddenly I heard yet another voice in my head, The man’s voice actually. “what do you want?” After a moment’s consideration, (but not actual contemplation of his offers) I thought back, “what could you give me?”

We continued on to have an interesting conversation, looking back on it now it seems like a blur so I can’t give you specifics, Adrien. I figured out that he was a warlock of one of the old-great one’s, he wanted us to call him Anthony, and that the person we were going to investigate for him was supposedly trying to become a god. I followed my party to the place he described. It was a small clearing with a pond and we swam down into the pond into a small cave. It was filled with lush greenery and… the presence of evil. After looking around for a moment a small mushroom like creature appeared and told us his name was Shoole. We spake. I was very concerned and confused, this creature radiated evil, but seemed on the same side as us, he was good friends with Kilimess before he died, where as Anthony was not evil per say, but made me uncomfortable, and I did not trust either of them in the slightest. Ezekiel reminded us that warlock’s have a weakness to Hydra blood, and Noxtrom reported that he had heard rumors of one in a not to far away village. After conferring with Shoole, we decided it would be best to gather resources to prepare for either side hurting us, and were about to depart when Shoole told us he had something to offer us to help us on our journey. Suddenly a plant-ape like creature emerged from the vines and offered us only one thing… Kilimess’ head.

I’m not quite sure what will become of this, but I do know that I’m in it for the long-run. My companions, though irritating at most times, have grown on me, and I will follow with them in the quest. I hope you are doing well, perhaps on a fine adventure of your own.

I miss you.

Always your sister,
Kalina Vorswood


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