Current Foes

Kilimess’ murderer.

but we’re not quite sure who it is yet.

Character thoughts?
“I’m fairly certain it’s connected to this Anthony guy. But I won’t point any fingers until I am sure.” -Kalina


A spectator guarding the dungeon below Kilimess’ mansion.

Character thoughts?
“I believe we will be able to bypass him. He isn’t much of a threat right now.” -Kalina


A shady, presumed, warlock found outside of Kilimess’ mansion who offered the character’s many rewards to “cultivate” a certain plant humanoid.

Character Thoughts?
“I don’t trust him. At all.” -Kalina
“Swell guy, listen to what he says.”-Anthony

The Gnolls.

A species seemingly entirely filled with carnivorous savages that enjoy the pain, and taste, of others.

“S’hey are raschist bad s’hings” -Cullus

Current Foes

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