Current Locations


A small Hamlet that is suddenly the center of attention as multiple greater cities are engaged in a (region-wide?) civil war for the ultimate goal of annexing it.

Kilimess’ Mansion

The living quarters of the, now dead, mage Kilimess. A wide and spacious building, that used to be alive with fluttering, animated paper servants and parties, but now only holds piles of parchment and silence.

Kilimess’ Dungeon

A deep maze of twisting corridors, hidden in the courtyard of Kilimess’ land. It was found open when Kilimess’ dead body was discovered.

Forest Pond

Down a little ways from the hustle and bustle of the town, and into the woods you’ll find a small clearing with a peaceful pond, that has a small tunnel that leads to a cave. In the cave resides Shoole

Capra Demon Cave

Some place where a few nerds got jumped by a spooky monster and nearly all died if it weren’t for a wizard. Also said nerds got head and found rock people there.

Current Locations

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